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Irrigation Management & Soil Moisture Monitoring

Why Monitor Soil Moisture?

  • Make informed decisions on irrigation and water use.
  • Manage fruit size and dry matter of kiwifruit
  • Improve fruit retention and size of avocados
  • Meet Eurepgap requirements
  • Good horticultural practice for all crops

What Is Involved?

  • Diviner / Neutron Probe technology allows a continuous profile to be built up to a depth of 1m.
  • We install monitoring sites based on your orchards characteristics and your requirements.
  • Our staff visit the sites weekly during the growing season and take the readings for you.
  • Results for each monitoring site are reported to you within 24 hours of the visit.

Easy to Read Reports

    Easy-to-read reports make it simple to assess:
  • The weekly water consumption of the crop
  • The efficiency of each irrigation and rainfall
  • When the next irrigation is due and how much is required.
  • The soil water content at which the crop becomes stressed.
    Your report includes:
  • Depth graph showing the moisture level down to 1 metre below the surface compared with the last 2 readings.
  • Time graph showing soil moisture movement over the entire season to date.
  • Recommendations on irrigation strategy.

What Does it Cost?

  • Please contact your nearest office for pricing
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